Catra r34

Catra r34

Catra can't help herself, it's instinctual.
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catra. adora.


#Catra. #sheraspoilers.
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In the hour before Adora called, Catra was encouraged to rest.
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Catra. catra. shera. updating this account.

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short hair catra 👀.
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In another life we could fall in love, instead of apart. #catra. #glimmer.
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catra. nudity. feline. furry. adora. sheath. trans fem. trans.

catra. feline. furry.

107038005. Have an image of a scene between Entrapta and Catra with strong ...
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#spop. #sapphicmonth. day 24 - risqué thank god for melog 😳. #adora. #catr...
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